Our technologies

Here in NBSERVIS we use only the best possible equipment available on the market.

We use complete soldering solution of these brands: PACE, Weller and ERSA. Both unleaded and leaded soldering is used, microsoldering, hot-air soldering, optical controlling system.

We are capable to solder every used part on the board used in laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone. BGA, plastic sockets, all SMD and thru-hole devices.

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Measuring department: technology from HP Agilent, Tektronix, Voltcraft – for fast a accurate diagnosis

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Assembly: Delvo is our favorite super-fast and super-precise tool, you will never see scratched srews form us!

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Microscopy: for the smallest devices used in cell phones or final inspection after soldering we use Am-Scope technology


On-stock spare part

  • 50.000 pcs items, spare parts, semiconductors, devices ready to be used the same day
  • 2000 pcs spare mother boards and referential boards
  • 500 types of most used BGA chips – chipsets, grafic adapters
  • 500 types of most used laptops, tablets and mobile phones power connectors

Know-how database

Our informating system counts over tens of thousands records of realized repairs. We use this information for another repairs a fast and effective determination of the failure. It’s a very rare moment we repair the device first time, we know typical failures for all kinds and models of devices.


Land of IT

Land of IT


Pobočka Kladno


nám. Jana Masaryka 2735, 272 04 Kladno
Mo - Fr: 8:00-17:00
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Prague 6

Dejvická 28, Prague 6
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Na Bělidle 28
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