After Market Services


After Market Services

Our customers rely on Landita as their professional partner to deliver complex lifecycle care – anywhere, anytime.

Mostly IT resellers and vendors enjoys Landita's tailor made solutions providing the best returns, minimising lost and increasing Consumer’s satisfaction.



  • 15 years of experiences
  • Team of skilled engineers with 10.000+ hours in repair industry
  • Own CRM / ERP system with fully controlled On-line Track&Trace system
  • Electronic Data interchange via API/XML
  • A-Z logistic & repair process
  • Regional logistics, vendors & warranty services knowledge
  • High customer and consumer satisfaction
  • Technical support




 Returns Management & Prevention

  • Reverse logistics, execution & management
  • Spare parts management
  • RMA / serial number tracking, screening and testing, warranty check
  • Exchange and swap management


Recovery & Recycle

Our comprehensive service portfolio also includes recovered parts management, parts harvesting, asset disposition/liquidation as well as waste management and recycling.

  • Recovered Parts Management / Parts Harvesting
  • Asset Disposition / Liquidation
  • Fulfillment
  • Recycle/Re-Marketing
  • Scrap / Waste Management
  • Scrap / Recycling
  • Sustainability Tracking Reporting


Repair & Refurbishment

At Landita we support our Clients with the full range of repair and refurbishment solutions. Our custom designed service packages include:

  • Repairs from level 1 to 4 (from component Exchange up to BGA soldering, PCB repairs, Mobile outer glass separation & Exchange, ect.)
  • cosmetic and functional tests
  • On-site & In-house repairs
  • Re-engineering and debugging, testing or burn-ins
  • Clean & Screen
  • NFF-Testing (No Fault Found)
  • Data/content automatic erasure with DoD 5220 standard & certifications
  • Kitting, repacking
  • Software, firmware updates


What we repair?

Landita flexibly develop all customers requests. At this time we have repair departments specialized for whole IT devices & equipment in this categories:

  • Laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets
  • Servers, data centres, warranty service for Dell products (Next business day, Enterprise)
  • NAS, HDD – warranty service for Western Digital, Seagate
  • Memory cards, USB drives, RAM
  • PC motherboards, CPUs, power supplies, fan and coolers, GPU, sound cards and all PC equipment
  • Drones – all electronical & mechanical repairs, warranty repair DJI, Yuneec
  • Game consoles – PS, XBOX, Nintendo
  • LCD screens, TV
  • Keyboards, mice, input devices


Land of IT

Land of IT


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